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Vitamin-C Serum Signature Recipe (18 page book)

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100% Natural * Non-Toxic * Bio-Active Botanicals * Re-Youthing Formula

Our Face Formulas are Signature Recipes with a bio-active purpose, solution and result. They are about the alchemy of pure and natural ingredient technology for the body, skin, mind and/or aura. The philosophy and results are about moving energy to and fro.  Do NOT mistake these these for an average cookbook recipes as they are high performance, result oriented deliverables. They are mult-tasking synergies to balance and/o re-balance. re-juvenate, re-boot and re-vitalize anew.


Vitamin-C Face Serum

This Face Formula is for both her and him. It is translated and adapted from several ancient texts from the Pharonic Queen Nefertiti (1330 BC Egypt) & Hellenistic Queen Cleopatra (30 BC Egypt). Several of the ingredients were used in the daily skin routine and are known as botanicals of immortiality.


Vitamin-C is one of the older yet contemporary anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-agers you should not live without but its not the only catalyst to more of your #wellness #happiness and #beauty!


Our Re-Youthing VC Serum is a powerful, mult-tasking serum that is 20%+ more absorbant than most commercial and/or #MIY serums, due to a propietary synthesis of bio-ingredients. It is a powerhouse for erasing harsh wrinkles, re-fining lines, re-framing your beauty and encouraging collagen growth inside-out. 


Short of the long, don't leave home without it! Its awesome!! See our "VC Case Study" coming soon to our Blog. You will be delightfully Wowwwwwed!


Tags: #vitaminC-serum #anti-aging #acne #anti-oxicants #anti-inflammatories #bio-active #non-toxic #re-youthing #100%natural #face-therapy

Vitamin-C Face Serum

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