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Ginger is one who believes in philosophy, architecture and that the world could use more happiness, balance and beauty. Somewhat Aristotelian with a Heraclitean foundation via her perspectives, she adores nature, botany, botanicals, ingredient technology, bio-hacking and nutrigenomics. As a writer, serial creative, communications peep, friend of philosophy and scholar of the classics who has translated portions of the ancient Greek and Hellenistic texts, she sees the value of shaping and re-shaping classical archetypes while aligning this ideology with food, wellness and humanity living better.

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About Food Philosophy
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Tune-up your
"everything and nothing" 
with mindfulness and clean "eating" to grow your glow.

I have shaped; re-shaped the written word, collaborated with architect and philosopher, cooked with world-class chief, hosted dignitary and royal while mixing/re-mixing ideas, food chemistry and ingredient technology from pantry to apothecary but like poetry, what speaks to me, is the creative possibility, artistic diplomacy and philosophy of creating; re-creating the familiar anew yet minding the gift I am to give.  --- Ginger



Clean, green, high-energy solutions for more happiness, wellness & beauty via... 













   Our Philosophy  

A key theme in the Hippocratic Corpus suggests,"Let thy food be our medicine or poison," denotes Hippocrates. Hence, best to feed the body, mind and soul natural, non-toxic versus chemical and toxic while Plato reminds in his Philibus & Phaedrus Treaties the importance of our innate wisdom, the essence of goodness and beauty in our lives. "You are wise, beautiful and the power of good exists in the nature of beauty through measure and proportion..."  and Aristotle espouses in his Ethics, "Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life..." but "it dependent on the self". 

Enter Einstein, energy and quantum physics..."Energy is everything" and everything is energy. The nature of energy is transactional as all energy carries a vibrational frequency just like the food we eat, hair, face, skin care products we use and water we drink. Because energy is transactional; you get what you give. We then become the 'food we eat' energetically and metaphorically. But food is not only the sustenance we feed our bodies...It is our thoughts that feed our minds, the emotions that feed our hearts; souls and our actions that shape and re-shape our reality everyday. 

Food Philosophy Re-framed is a little project that distills a perspective of the 'nature of things' that is timeless like the ancient yet contemporary philosophy for Every-Wo/Man while re-shaping; re-framing; re-newing it through fresh eyes with a no-nonsense, practical vision for everyday.

Re: tuning-up you, your energy and your food philosophy through conscious "eating” with a little help from the Ancient Greeks, we can better re-align our understanding regarding the how, what and why we should "eat" to feed/fuel our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; inside-out. The act of "eating" is sacred like praying or loving. "Eating" like bathing is basic spiritual hygiene and if you are not mindfully tuning your energy then it may be un-mindfully being attuned by default or worse pre-programmed by the toxins, junk and/or whatever... keeping you in sloth-mode; low-rez. There is much power in your pantry waiting to be re-discovered but only if you re-empower your know-how through conscious intelligence!

Backstory on #happiness and your gut.... Your gut is second in command to our brain and coordinates not only the function of digestion but also various hormonal production/function as well as home to millions ++ of bacteria flora. It is our gut not our brain that is responsible for producing 70% of our happiness hormone, Serotonin. (Stanford University 2017). So "eat" well!


Energy (food, thought, feelings, actions and everything) is the tapestry or textile to design or re-design any beautiful plate or space. Short of the long, the human being is a dynamic, 

bio-electric energy system, housed in a living, breathing organism (ie. your beautiful body-suit) or simply speaking, a spiritual being having a human experience. However, you and your body are a constant work in process on a physical, cellular level as well as on a non-physical level.

Physically, the body re-news; re-builds itself ~ every year...Your stomach lining every five days, your skin in ~ twenty-four days-ish, your blood in four weeks; the liver in six weeks; your bones in three months and the brain in ~ one year but the food you "eat" shapes and re-shapes the quality of you and your "it"! 


The non-physical side to you too (the unseen energetic part like the mental and emotional intelligence, though not only) is also a work in progress. So, how do you want to re-new yours truly?

Inspired to share this knowledge, passion and know-how on food and philosophy (ie. why and how-to live in more happiness, harmony, and beauty) through the modality of “eating” but there was a time when I lived in un-happiness...Having committed myself  some years ago to re-balance the imbalance using these themes me and my advisory team created this platform.


The Team… 

  • Food Chemists, Botantists, Herbalists, Ingredient Technology Chemists, Nutrition Consultants & Chefs  

  • Big-picture Wellness Practitioners & Physicians

  • Lifestyle, Wellness & Mindfulness Ambassadors 

  • Classically Contemporary Communicators, Visionaries, Philanthropists, Scholars and Writers 

Our approach is a wholistic “eating” philosophy re-framed that feeds a more beautiful body, mind and soul. I see it as growing your glow. Premised upon the classically contemporary, the digital platform imparts a collection of exclusive lifestyle hacks, products, services and Signature Recipes #MIY (mix-it-yourself), mini eBooks series, eAudios and lifestyle tools; partnered with a network of like-minded peeps that assist in tuning-up your energy for more wellness, happiness, beauty and positive energy for you, your vibe and your tribe. Why? Because your high vibe is the new currency! 

Our core focus is: 

  • food, wellness, skincare and mindfulness

  • 100% natural * non-toxic * clean * high-performance 

  • eating for more happiness, wellness and beauty 

  • eating for better gut health

  • energetic hygiene for you/your aura

  • optimizing personal energy management

So tune-up your vibe consciously OR un-consciously allow your vibe to be pre-tuned or hacked by the little-BIG toxins that keep many tuned-out in low-energy, sloth-mode!?! Because you and your vibe are more valuable than a billion in the bank. You on high-vibe awesome is the new currency"it". This is the new "it". 


Stay happy ♥ . Stay beautiful ♥ and Stay in ♥ with life.

"Everything is energy." 
Albert Einstein
"You are the everything and nothing." 
"Know thyself." 

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