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Our Promise 

Customer Relationship Management is a top policy as well as the qualitative value of all of our products, services and know-how.


We would like for you to know that all of products have been tested and are naturally formulated, toxin free, derived from botanical bases and/or wholesome ingredients. Therefore, they have the highest energetic resonance and value for you to enjoy awesome results. 


It is our goal to share more know-how, happiness, wellness and beauty with you, your loved ones and your lifestyle. A note on our advisory services and digital products which are not refundable: Though understanding that we all want solutions, protocols, modalities and/or knowledge we vibe with, we guarantee via our promise to you that in the off chance, you don't vibe with a purchased service/product, email us within (60 days of purchase) via our Contact page

and we will have a Customer Relationship Representative

communicate with you to ensure we do all we can to make it right.

Much gratitude,

The Food Philosophy Team

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