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Kill inflammation before it kills you!

The truth about your food and what you are eating.

There is much to be said about a fried chicken burger stacked high and dripping with all kinds of sauce made from lard and poly-saturated processed oils, maldextrose or as I see it mal-dextrose (the bad, processed sugars in disguise) on a white-bread bun even if it is served with a cabbage superfood...!

It may look, smell and taste great but what is it doing or un-doing to your gut, your heart, your GI Index (ie. blood sugar) and moreover, what it is doing to undo your greater wellness via inflammation?!

Inflammation is the BIGGIE of the three killers. The other two culprits being oxidation and glycation.

Inflammation is the quiet of all the slow un-doing of your good health, beauty, high-energy and wellness like a Trojan Horse. And the truth about a lot of food is, it can HURT!

In this multi-series, we are going to share some basic principles on inflammation.

Principle 1

An important factor, if not one of the most important thing Re: nutrition is: It is NOT what you are lacking BUT rather what you are eating that you should NOT!

Principle 2

Much of what we eat is generally NOT good for us and creates a relentless spiral of inflammation within our body.

Principle 3

The Human species is the ONLY species that goes on a diet while all other species have a diet. Thus, creating a perpetual spin for another diet since the only thing that is SURE to work in the dieting communities is that they generally don't work; hence keeping many on this vicious cycle for another "diet" for weightless, lower cholesterol, more youthful appearance, more energy or whatever. But what most will not tell you is that there is no on size fits all and each of our body types have a specific tolerance and in-tolerance for various foods.

Next-up, in this series on Inflammation, we are talking more in depth about how to recede inflammation to the bare minimum as inflammation is an insidious dis-ease that eeks into all of your physical parts, pieces...tissues, organs while 120% causing accelerated decay (ie. oxidation, another big killer). In fact, most dis-eases which have flagship hallmark of insidious inflammation read like this: Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes Heart dis-ease and the list continues.

More anon but do check out our Energy Tune-ups series which COOLs down the "inflammation factor", body, mind and soul here.

Stay well. Stay blessed and sending you much wellness, abundance, beauty and joy!!!

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