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Unblock Your Energy Centers

Updated: 2 hours ago

This is a great 1-2-3 tutorial for your Chakras. A definite need to know.

In a nut-shell, its a guide for our seven non-physical energy centers that govern our physical body.

The overview includes:

  • location

  • function

  • color

  • symbol

  • characteristics

  • balanced

  • blocked

  • over-active

  • how-to re-balance

And every seven years, one is focused on a particular Chakra. For instance, years 1-7 years, you are focused on your first Chakra, years 7-14, your second Chakra and so on.

And then, the cycles repeat. So do the math and see where and what your cycle is Now!!!

Love this guy, Clark Kegley and his no non-sense approach, here's the video link. Also check our Chakra Tune-up Series. They are fabulous.

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