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Bliss Kit Face Collection

#MIY (mix-it-yourself) Multi-tasking Recipes for HIM

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100% Natural * Bio-Active Botanicals * Re-Energizing * pH Awesome * Multi-tasking


All of our #MIY Recipes are about the alchemy of pure and natural ingredient technology for the body, skin, mind and/or aura. The philosophy and results are about moving energy to and fro. Do NOT mistake these Signature Recipes for  average as they are high performance, result oriented deliverables. They are mult-tasking Recipes to balance and/o re-balance. re-juvenate, re-boot and re-vitalize anew.



Gents only please. Re-face, re-fresh, re-vivie, re-juninate and re-youth your FACE with our bundled Bliss Kit.


It is HERE...1,2,3


3 Energy Tune-ups per our Signature Recipes to Re-fine, Re-New and Re-Energize

  • Face Formula De-tox Wash (re-store your glow)
  • Face Formula Re-Nourish Mask  (anti-wrinkle & anti-age)
  • Face Formaul Re-Youth Mask (re-tone, re-firm, re-youth)


AND its super quick, easy and non-toxic, bio-performance skincare that is low maintenance but yields high-rez results!!


Great for ALL Skin Types.




Homme Bliss Kit Face

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