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100% Natural * Non-Toxic * Bio-Active Botanicals * Re-Youthing Formula



Its clean, lean and green but verrrrry lux LESS the number two ingredient which is a BIG skin toxin found in 90% of commerical shampoos that are natural and non-natural, bath/shower gels and liquid soaps; thus, you and your vibe won't get punked, pre-programmed into low-rez and/or pre-maturely aged by the scarrrry chemicals and/or nanotech that are found in most commercial bath and shower products! 


The opulence of our Body Shampoo is so gentle and nourishing without the hyper suds that tether and dry. This recipe nourishes all skin types. Great for the whole family.


Our re-Youthing Lux Bergamot Body Shampoo is a mult-tasking synthesis brimming with bio-active, wholesome ingredients. 


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Bergamot Body Shampoo

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