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Disable COVID-19

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Some A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s on the "how to" disable the pesky mofo...

How to disable and prevent infection of COVID-19?

Here are a few primary and secondary defense practices for prevention:

  • Increase your Immunity via your Immune System.

  • Continue to build and re-build your Gut Health as it is your second brain and produces more over 70% of Serotonin (happiness hormone though not ONLY) for your body as Happiness fosters wellness.

  • Your gut is the home to over hundreds of millions of bacteria flora. So help your gut help you more by eating more whole foods, no junk, no chemicals, no synthetic hormones, no GMOs, no nano-tech but more clean green fruits & vegetables and/or fermented foods.

  • Raise your awareness about what this virus really is beyond the official narrative.

  • Do your own research and do NOT depend exclusively on spoon-fed mass media.

  • Use Common Sense; Be discerning; Continue to ask the Platonic "why"

Hand Hygiene
  • Proper hand hygiene of washing with warm water and soap for approx. 20 seconds should be a staple throughout the day.

  • Additionally, keeping a small pump bottle of wine vinegar near your liquid soap at your sink is also a great idea to finish the hand-washing ritual. Humanity didn’t make it through Antiquity nor the Middle Ages by chance…Vinegar and Wine played a huge role in assisting the wellness of throughout and it can and should again.

  • Also, carrying a hand sanitizer with a pump spritz is verrrry no non-sense must-have during these times. Frequently, spritz hands and/or grocery cart handle for instance, with your personalized, pocket sanitizer while in public spaces, places such as super market, pharmacy, and/or on public transportation. Check out our NEW custom recipe for Clean Green Hands that we just love! P.S. it doesn’t dry your hands paper-dry like the others do.

  • Increase your Immunity via your Gut. Your Gut is your second brain. And your Gut is the home to hundreds of millions of bacteria flora that allow your whole body to thrive or not. So help it help you more by eating more whole and/or fermented foods.

Let’s Think About “Vaccinations”

Coincidentally or not the acronym for "COVID" actually translates to “Certificate Of Virus Identification or ID”. Is the global world implicating that soon there may be a “mandatory vaccination” for humanity? If so, we should be prepared to think about this critically, practically.

Thus, if we can raise our immunity naturally (ie organically via what we eat physically) and also by "feeding our minds, hearts, souls" with wholesomeness, positive thoughts, feelings and spiritual wellness, then is there a necessity for a synthetic fix, prick, or “mandatory vaccine”? And what would a “mandatory vaccine” encompass, exactly? Perhaps we should also be asking what would a vaccine do and not do beyond the official narrative of virus protection?

Raising your vibration (ie. your energetic footprint), in turn, RAISES your immunity. That simple.

Your Personal Energetic Footprint E = mc2

As Albert Einstein re-minds, “everything is energy” and so are you. In fact, you are a dynamic system of energy. And as such, all energy has an energetic footprint.

And b/c everything is energy including viruses which FYI are LOW vibration entities, but not “living organisms” according to scientific definition, is there absolute necessity to take an invasive, foreign entity or the likes of, if you can boost your Immune System by eating whole foods?!

Quick reference, according the American Journal of Virology, the Coronavirus energetic footprint ranges between a pH of 5.5 and 8.5 [1]. Thus, it is a no-brainer that raising your pH level (your average weighted pH to a more an alkaline pH (higher than 8.5) by what you eat, think and feel builds a stronger immunity to COVID-19 and dis-ease in general. Quantum Science also supports this by re-minding that "like energies attract". Raise your energetic vibration, footprint, pH beyond that of the Coronavirus and be-come energetically incompatible to it and/or most dis-eases since the energetic footprints; wave lengths of both frequencies do not match.

Re-member, the Human Being is a highly sophisticated architectural design model, shaped with divine, infinite intelligence. Take back your wellness!!! ALLOW the infinite intelligence of your body to heal, balance, re-balance and boost your immunity by "eating" wholesomely. Your health; wellness or un-wellness is in your hands unless you want to give your power away to others, so they may decide for you, your loved ones.

Wellness in an inside job that you are responsible NOT an externally invasive job (ie shot, prick, fix, hit).

Humanity has survived for thousands and thousands of years++ And ONLY for a hundred years-ish has the developed world used uber-duber medicine made in a laboratory. Thus, the pre-history of Western medicine, made in a laboratory, was and is made by Mother Earth via her 'fruits' of the land (ie. the un-processed, un-adulterated, un-genetically modified, non-GMO and/or no-nano tech kind). Humanity has also used historically healing modalities from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayervedic practices as well as Indigenous Cultures who employ benefits of Botany to live in wellness. Of course, there have been wondrous developments in modern medicine which have carried Humanity far alas perhaps we should be more open, in times such as these, to consider more of a convergence of these know-hows to yield more wholistic yet less invasive results.

Hippocrates said, "we are what we eat”: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Raise your energetic footprint, raise your consciousness, raise your standards and raise your awareness about you, your health and wellness. Don't allow your vibe, your energy, your wellness to be punked LOW!

  • Get at least 10-20 of Sunlight Daily less SPF (ie. no sun-blockers!!!) with a hat of course.

  • Wash and/or Hang your clothes in direct sunlight to cleanse; purify them. It has been proven that this particular virus, but not only, is disabled by sunlight when exposed for more that 30-60 seconds. Let the Sunshine!!!

  • The sun vibrates at a very high energetic frequency. It gives lives, creates life, sustains life and nurtures life. Allow it to nurture you more and keep you in more wellness.

  • Plus, sunlight is a super-power for your health in general (ie Vitamin-D ++) but also allows the proper synthesis of vital nutrients, bodily functions, metabolism and more+++.

Hydrate Properly
  • Properly hydrate with clean, pure Water. Make it a practice day/night to drink warm tonics, infusions, water and/or teas as your Tonsils are the FIRST Line of defense in the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth area (ie. head region).

  • Cleanse your Tonsils with warm tisanes, teas, infusions (26*C and above in temperature) and/or warm salt gargles.

  • Water your body well daily. Help your body purge, cleanse and remove toxins from your body.

Breathe Clean Air
  • Breathe good quality oxygen

  • Hang-out with the trees

  • Exercise in Nature

  • Meditate and/or do Breath-work

Ground/Re-Ground Yourself
  • Stand, walk and/or do low impact exercise such as Yoga bare-footed on the Earth (Gaia's ions will assist in cleansing your physical and non-physical bodies) from oxidation, stress, toxins, and more++

  • Hug a tree

  • Garden in Nature

  • Swim in the sea

Needless to say, the summary above, is not only applicable for Coronavirus times but rather a lifestyle Recipe for living in more wellness; more dis-ease free.

[1] Source: JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, April 1991, pg. 1916

© 2020 and/or Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe All rights reserved.

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