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Balancing act

Is your Stomach Acid in balance or out-of-balance?

Did you know that maintaining your stomach acid in balance can not only aid and assist proper digestion, it can also keep you slim and trim. Of course, there are many causes for imbalance but here's a quick DYI test that can assist you in determining IF your stomach acid is in balance or ...

Proper digestion begins in the mouth with chewing your food while assisted by your salvia but it does not stop there!

But if your stomach acid is imbalanced it can create many digestive issues though not only for your stomach but for many other vital systems.

Here’s a DYI need-to-know quick tutorial on how-to check your stomach acid to ensure proper digestion, good health and wellness. Also check-out our amazing Food & Energy Tune-up Curatorials which target the balance of living in wellness!

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