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The Root of Glow-ing

Your skin can not glow without proper hydration.

Yet similar thought different to any botanical, our skin can not glow without proper hydration that requires something called (NMF) or a Natural Moisturizing Factor.

These are a group of natural substances found in the upper dermal layers of the skin which fuel it with proper hydration and allow that glowing, youthful dew-ness to the skin. The supple radiance of a wonderfully nourished complexion is really akin to tangible liquid light . Yet the your natural NMF becomes depleted throughout the day via EMFs, eSmog, eDevices, too much or not enough sunlight, indoor heating, hot baths/showers ...and general free radicals which do a lot of damage, oxidation and hyper aging.

Get to the Root of the Problem like a Pro

And the mighty Beet Root (L. Beta vulgaris craca) can assist!

Root vegetables contain amazing quantities of trace minerals, nutrients and super phytochemicals for your body. And your skin, being the largest organ of the body benefits greatly from organic Beet Root consumption. They are big healers and wheelers for many and much but let's just focus on the dermis.

They contain also something called hydro-scopic molecules which absorb and retain the water within your dermal layers, thus, providing great hydration for your skin and allowing you to glow MORE!!!

Incorporate the fantastic Beet Root into your weekly diet and watch how you are the beneficiary of more radiance, glow, hydration and beautiful skin as well as more wellness overall. But remember, they are root veggies and must be "organic" or wildcraft. No compromising as root veggies absorb the lump-sum of toxins from the oil. So ONLY do clean, lean beets! Try them raw via smoothies and/or cooked.

Also, test and/or taste drive our Aqua Verdi Collection that assists in glowing-up you and your skin.

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