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Fear NOT!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

What happens when you go into FEAR mode…?

When in survival mode, much of the cellular resources are taken from your bodily functions which can steal from your wellness, building your immune system, etc. depending how long you allow your body to exist in fear. But the fact remains, when in survival mode, your Immune System shuts down in order to defend the ‘fight or flight’ capacity.

When your body goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode. All your bodily resources are allocated to defending your very existence while your brain shifts into primal reptilian mode: Survival.

Also, known as (False Evidence Appearing Real)…. be discerning please. Fear NOT!

If not to preserve your wellness, joy, peace of mind…because fear is the currency of someone else’s control. So who’s driving your vehicle…You or?

Instead offer love and/or a loving response, a smile perhaps even laugh with someone who might be ‘in moments of fear’. Laughter is such amazing, high resonant therapy, energy! And/or chill with our Re-balance Reiki Mediation (c. 10 minutes) guaranteed to bring a smile of relax to you, your daily.

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