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Happiness...what is it really?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Getting beyond the impostors of.

What is happiness? Where does it come from?

You are an endogenous being and you are all you need to be to grow your environment like the seed that pushes forth from the soil; loaded and encoded with infinite possibility to unfold, flower and flourish. You are enough. You always have been whether you knew it our not.

Some Thoughts on Happiness

In Aristotle's Ethics, written in ancient Greece, the philosopher goes on and on in length as to how "we", the human, humanity are pre-disposed; pre-destined even to happiness and offers-up the "why". In short, he states, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim…but happiness depends on the self.” (Ethics, 4th cent. BC)

But the word and meaning of happiness is perceived as subjective. What makes me happy may not make you happy and vice-a-versa but in actuality, perhaps it is our social imprinting that has given us our personal definitions of happiness while simultaneously masking our innate; endogenous happiness that we are divinely encoded.

As with any energy (material and/or immaterial), happiness is no exception to the laws of energy or energetics. It vibrates on a specific frequency of high yet it is only when we are able to push beyond the veil of social imprinting (re: the material definitions of happiness) to allow a greater unfolding; understanding of our innate; endogenous happiness that our perspective begins to shift.

The Two Biggest Impostors to Happiness

Two of the biggest impostors to happiness are criticism and praise because they are fear-based on the rejection/acceptance axis. Thus, rejection and/or acceptance pays to much time, energy, attention to what others think of you versus what YOU think of YOU.

Yet as we mature (emotionally, spiritually), we begin to no longer differentiate between criticism and praise. Life, or our experience of, seems similar to the mirror. Much of what we experience, is the outer reflection of our inner state of being (ie. physically and non-physically) and how we allow and/or disallow this outer space or state to influence us for better or worse versus growing our inner space; state of being to influence the self and the outer world.

With a shift of perception and attitude, you begin to re-discover your innate, divine happiness while not differentiating between the two impostors (criticism and praise) because you are re-aligning with your endogenous state of infinite possibility, potential; happiness that is pushing you forth from within. Knowing there is a greater expression of who and what you really are.

If this resonates, listen to this short talk by Michael Beckwith who distills some of these ideas in succinct yet expansive terms. The link is here.

Blessings of more happiness and wellness within you/your life.

(c) @gfzaimis & 2018. All rights reserved.

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