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Open "sesame"

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Abracadabra open sesame...

So what is sooooo magical about the sesame seed?

Sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum) are indigenous of both India and Africa. We consider them to be the oldest oil seed crop in the world which have been cultivated for over 3,500 years.  They are both white and black sesame seeds with the latter not to be confused with the Black Seed of (Nigela sativa). You can differentiate the taste as the Black Seed (Nigela) are more bitter with a pungent flavor. They are also dynamo seeds.

Sesames offer an incredible range of benefits from skincare, hair health, heart health, managing diabetes, protein, anti-cancerous properties, BIG anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, prevents infertility in men, assists in re-balancing female hormones, protects against RFs, boosts metabolism, boosts bone and teeth health, weight loss, more energy and +++

You want to condition your body to become a fat burner vs. a sugar burner with the foods you eat and sesames are a great staple to incorporate into a daily eating routine. I deliberately did not say diet as every living species on this planet has a diet and thus, we, the people, don't need to diet but rather re-balance our diets with whole foods, eating pasterns and habits. (ie. what we eat, when we eat, why we eat to re-store our natural vitality).

These seeds are rich source of natural oils, lignans, antioxidants, protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, B-vitamins and

We recommend, if you want to aid and/or fuel any of the above mentioned, take 2x tablespoons of organic sesames daily on an empty stomach and watch how things begin to flourish!

Make sure when eating them, you chew them well, grinding mindfully with your teeth as they mix well with your saliva activating more of their super resources; nutrients.

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