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Sulforaphane and why you want it!

What is this phytochemical, why you should want it and how to get it!

This phytochemical has been extensively studied with remarkable benefits. It's found in those crunchy, munchy cruciferous veggies but more specifically one and it delivers unparalleled results:

  • Supports and boosts Immunity

  • Warrior against chronic inflammation

  • Warrior against chronic pain

  • Promotes detox for your body as a whole

  • Boosts liver function

  • Offers Cognitive support and rocket fuel to the Brain

  • And assists greatly with turning back the hands of time (ie. Wellness and Youth-full Warrior)

With facts that support over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies on the aforementioned, you need to eat more Broccoli or rather Broccoli Sprouts. These tiny Tims pack a mighty punch on the short-list below plus will tune-up your overall wellness and energy.

Curatorial Recipe:

1 Sprouting Dish (with 2-4 layers).

1 Bottle Organic Broccoli Seeds

1 Misting Bottle of Mineral Water

Modus Operandi

Get yourself a sprouting dish with two to four layers and drop a teaspoon of Organic Broccoli Seeds on each floor; mist well initially without drowning them; then mist as necessary going forward. Put the dish in a warm corner of the kitchen or space with indirect sunlight and in a week-ish, voila your source of Sulforaphane is ready. The seeds germinate within 2-3 days and your sprouts are ready to eat within a week-ish time! Collect and put them in your salad; vinegar, salt and oil them but do ENJOY!!!

Note: You can also stagger the germination of the seeds by a day or so in the dish so they germinate in waves, thus not having to eat all your sprouts at the same time.

Also, anyone over the age of 40ish, should have this know-how; recipe and use it on a regular basis. It shifts the paradigm from chronological age to biological age with amazing grace; ease.

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