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What about COVID-19...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

What is it and what is it not…?

It is NOT dynamically predative but rather passively so and it is "NOT airborne". It is not even “alive” by medical definition, but it can, as many have discovered, create much havoc depending on how it is pitched to us, how we are advised to act and re-act to it.

What is COVID-19 virus?

Some have suggested as per its pseudo name “Corona” or acronym, “COVID-19” that it represents “Certificate of Vaccination Identification”…! As discussed, its proper name that is SARS-COV-2.

A virus is a nonliving, submicroscopic series of molecules that is surrounded by a protein exterior consisting of RNA or DNA core of genetic material which is capable of replicating itself ONLY when inside another living organism.

And a virus is not a living organism by definition and neither is it mobile. But rather, it is more akin to a ‘hitch-hiker’ or opportunist. Thus, any virus's mobility is dependent upon it being moved around versus moving autonomously. Given the opportunity, it can attach itself upon contact to the skin, clothing, plastic, cardboard, metal and alike.

How to prevent infection of COVID-19?

Here are a few primary and secondary defense practices for prevention.

  • Increase your Immunity via your Immune System. Your Gut is your second brain. Your gut is the home to hundreds of millions of bacteria flora. So help it help you more by eating more whole and/or fermented foods.

Properly Hydrate

  • Properly hydrate with clean, pure Water. Make it a practice day/night to drink warm tonics, infusions, warm water and/or teas as your Tonsils are the FIRST Line of defense in the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth area (ie. your head). So help your Tonsils help you live in more wellness by cleansing them with certain warm beverages 26* C or higher and/or gargles daily. Taste-drive our newest Lemon Tonic that offers both!

Hand Hygiene

  • Proper hand hygiene of washing with warm water and soap for approx. 20 seconds should be a staple throughout the day.

  • Additionally, keeping a small pump bottle of wine vinegar near your liquid soap at your sink is also a great idea to finish the hand-washing ritual. Humanity didn’t make it through Antiquity nor the Middle Ages by chance…Vinegar and Wine played a huge role in assisting the wellness of throughout and it can and should again.

  • Also, carrying a hand sanitizer with a pump spritz is verrrry no non-sense must-have during these times. Frequently, spritz hands and/or grocery cart handle for instance, with your personalized, pocket sanitizer while in public spaces, places such as super market, pharmacy, and/or on public transportation. Check out our NEW custom recipe for Clean Green Hands that we just love! P.S. it doesn’t dry your hands paper-dry like the others do.


  • Get at least 15-20 of Sunlight Daily.

  • Wash and/or Hang your clothes from the day in direct sunlight to cleanse them. It has been proven that this particular virus, but not only, is disabled by sunlight when exposed for more that 30-60 seconds.

  • Plus, sunlight is a super-power for your health in general (ie Vitamin-D ++) but also allows the proper synthesis of nutrients, bodily functions, metabolism and more+++.

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