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Clear, clean & re-charge your most precious asset...!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Feel like you are running on low-fuel or none? Feel like someone or thing just dipped a draw into your glass and punked your energy low? Well may be ...

Re-charge post-haste with some high-rez energetic, wholesome tasty eats or mini meditation but also clear, clean and re-move the un-seen sludge from your Aura that could very well be seriously weighty!!!

Yes, we can see approx. 20% of the physical world according to quantum science but what about the remaining 80%? What's out there and what is on us that we can't see but can feel?

Ever wonder what kind gooo does our Aura accumulate with all these un-seen electronic Radio Waves, Mobile towers, Cell Phones and EMFs...?

Yes, this shizzle is real and it weighs down your Auric Field over time and can actually foster dis-ease if left un-checked; un-attended too.

But just like washing your hands regularly or taking a shower daily, you need also to clean your Auric Field and a quick, simple way of helping your body's energy de-tox, is by using a Clearing Mist which assists in re-moving and neutralizing the un-seen, low-rez energetic goo that is stuck to you and your energy bodies.

Super user-ful too, if you feel you just got whammied with the "bad eye" or had a tense meeting with the boss and/or challenging convo with a loved one, family member! Oh yeah.

Oh yeah...Grab your Clearing Mist and spritz, spritz, spritz! Test drive our NEWEST Aura Clearing Mist and level-up to whole NEW place of feel better and grow your glow with more radiance, grace! And if you vibe with it, try with our space clearing mists and protocols for your Home and/or Office. PEACE!

(c) 2020 & on Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe

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