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Covid proof ...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Part of our Immunity Up-grade Series ...Here's the "why" and "how" negativity, fear and stress lower and take-down your immune system.

Clear your mind from the noise
  • Low-rez thoughts and negativity

  • Stress

  • Fear

Re-move the low-vibe thinking, negative emotions, stress and fear because it robs your immune system.

They are the worst kind of Trojan Horses as they enter quietly, with your consent from within and begin to de-construct, wreak havoc on you, your body, mind and well-being. Thus, sending your immune system into distress.

For when your body experiences extended states of negative thinking, stress and/or fear, we become what we put our energy into, hence, disabling your immune system with own our chemicals (ie. adrenaline, cortisol, and others), so it can enable your survival mode or “fight or flight” which shuts down vital energies, blood flow, nutrients to your immune system to defend you. But when the body’s survival mode is triggered and it lives in an extended state of “fight and flight”, other systems become impaired, compromised, thus starving the body of its essential necessities to live in wellness, balance.

Fear is a most insidious form of contagion perhaps worst than MOST viruses, infections and alike. In fact, you can get it with/without people’s snot, saliva and/or juju. However, it is more dangerous than an airborne contagion because it is mentally and/or emotionally disseminated and you don’t have to get “infected with Coronavirus” or any other dis-ease to get and become a carrier of it…

However, there is a 120% cure for this acrid contagion "fear" that you HAVE but big pharma does not!!!…

What is it, you ask? It is called living with Love in your heart daily. Practicing like habit and/or pattern faithfully as an act of loving the self, loving another whether it be friend, family and/or neighbor and living in love, with compassion and forgiveness within our hearts, minds, souls.

Get the "why" on our next Version 10.3 of our Immunity Upgrade Series that outlines Love, Compassion and Gratitude, which are cures too and "how" to wield them!

Until then, re-boot your Immune System with green, clean and powerful super-foods and if we may suggest, try our great Food Curatorial Imperial Broth that re-bounds, strengthens and adores you and your immunity.

(c) 2020 and on Instagram @food.philosophy.reframe All rights reserved.

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