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Growing Fresh Air

The natural trinity of an indoor air purification system begins here with know-how.

The conscious understanding that you need fresh oxygen, fresh air and a functional strategy to grow your own in your home, office and/or any indoor space is prevelelant more than ever especially with current draconian lock-down measures.

How to...

Here's your modus operandi. Install these three botanicals below in the following places; spaces in your home; office and benefit from the awesome effects of “growing fresh air” with clean air plants.

  1. The Living Room Plant: Areca Palm (L. Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens) seen above

  2. The Bedroom Plant: MIL’s Tongue (L. Sanseveira trifasiata)

  3. The Specialist: “Money plant” (L. Epipremnum aureum)

Clean-air Botancial Shortlist

The Areca Palm is biologically engineered absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. However, what sets the Areca Palm apart from the others, is its ability to also purify the environment by removing dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

The second on your shortlist, is the MIL's Tongue. Better to have the Mother-in-law’s Tongue plant in your bedroom than your MIL and/or her sharp tongue!!! Considered highly efficient in oxygen production, the Snake Plant in layman’s terms, is unique for its night-time oxygen production and ability to purify air through the removal of benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene (ie. highly toxic chems that often find our way into our homes, offices and alike).

And last on our noteworthy list but never least, is The Money Plant featured by NASA for its renowned ability to remove chemicals and other pollutants from the air, specifically, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. However, despite the benefit of its high purification abilities, this plant is toxic to little ones (ie. cats, dogs and small children) if the leaves are ingested. So install, some where out of reach but strategic for all its awesome benefits.

Learn how to clear and clean non-physical energies resident within your home; office even if you can not see them (ie. Note: we perceive only c. 20% of our physical environment with our five senses). Use our Home Clearing Mist or Office Clearing Mist and definitely, our NEW Aura Clearing Mist

Up next on the blog, “how to” protect you, your loved ones, home and office space against harmful radiation from cell towers, mobile telephony, EMFs and alike. Why? Preventative maintenance is always the best remedy and cure for living a dis-ease free lifestyle as well as fresh oxygen and cleaner air as they are BIG immunity builders!!! .

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